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  • Black Panther and Sweet 16

    manga, shoujo, black panther and sweet 16

    Name: Black Panther and Sweet 16 (Kurohyou to 16-sai)
    Mangaka: Toriumi, Pedoro

    Volumes: 6 (Ongoing)
    Licensed: Kodansha USA
    Licensed Volumes: 1
    Scanlations: None
    Scanlator: None
    Type: Manga
    Genre: Comedy/Harem
    Age Group: Older Teen


    Taiga moves into the city and meets a boy at an abandoned house. Later, he ends up kissing as “thanks,” to which she responds by slapping him and running off.

    The next day, at her first day at her new school, she find out that the boy also goes to her school and is the super popular Anri, who publicly declares himself her pet.

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